Fraud Detection for Telcos:

Effective Solutions for a Seamless Customer Experience

eBook: Fraud Detection & Prevention While Keeping Customers In-App

Together with TransUnion, we created this eBook to help you improve fraud detection and prevention while minimizing customer friction. It covers the most common fraud types, points of risk and more.

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Emerging Fraud Trend: Account Takeover

Account takeover (ATO) occurs when fraudsters obtain personally identifiable information (PII) and credentials through data breaches and social engineering. This information enables them to gain access to customer accounts, modify account info and make new transactions.

Fraudsters Exploiting COVID-19 to Defraud Telcos

Due to shelter-in-place policies, more people have been spending additional time online and falling prey to fraudsters. As a result, account takeover attempts are likely to increase.

Detecting Fraud While Keeping Customers In-App

Enova Decisions and TransUnion offer solutions than can enable telecommunications companies to analyze device data and detect fraud at key points of risk in real-time.

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