Real-Time Analytics for Telecommunications

As customer expectations increase along with competition, there is a shift to improve the quality of services customers experience in real time. Improve the customer experience by making data-driven decisions instantly and at scale with our customizable, real-time decisioning platform.

Improve Marketing ROI and Increase Conversions

Enova Decisions Smart Credit

Enova Decisions Smart CreditTM

Customized risk and credit analysis help improve credit decisions in real time, so you can acquire customers who would otherwise have been turned away and reduce defaults.

Enova Decisions Smart Offers

Enova Decisions Smart OffersTM

Optimized offers and targeted product recommendations help convert more customers, improve the customer experience and meet customer expectations.

Smart Retention

Smart RetentionTM

Customized retention scores and offers help reduce customer churn by identifying customers with a high probability of ending service without an incentive.

Could Your Business Benefit from Real-Time Analytics?

Learn how Enova Decisions can help a nationwide telco improve its subscriber rate retention and reach a seven-figure increase in revenue.

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We Believe in Innovation Through Analytics

Innovation drives business performance, growth, customer satisfaction and bottom-line results. That’s why we build innovative analytics solutions to help the telecommunications industry make data-driven decisions — instantly and at scale — to boost business efficiency and maximize ROI beyond expectations.

Improve the Customer Experience for The Internet of Things (IoT)

Use proactive analytics to send device data to device manufacturers and communication service providers (CSPs) in real time so the root causes of device, application and network issues, defects or malfunctions can be quickly identified. Notify customers or insurance agents of issues and action items related to devices in real time for an improved customer experience.

Improve Operations with Partnership Opportunities

Increase profits and improve the speed and agility of business execution. As an MVNO, partner with Enova Decisions to offer clients a broader set of real-time capabilities and products including a line of credit for customers with non-prime credit.

ENVA LISTED NYSEEnova Decisions is part of Chicago-based Enova International, Inc. (NYSE: ENVA), a leading technology- and data-analytics-driven online lending company that operates 10 brands in four countries. For 14 years, we’ve built analytics and infrastructure to make instant decisions for our parent company’s brands, culminating in the launch of Enova Decisions as an Analytics-as-a-Service provider.

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