Telecommunications & Communications


The transition from brick and mortar to online has made the telecommunications and communications industries more susceptible to fraud schemes, such as subscription fraud and account takeover. In addition, the digital marketplace has made it easier for consumers to switch service providers and find alternatives. Therefore, churn is also a growing challenge.

Desired Outcomes

Increase revenue per user Reduce equipment losses Reduce churn


Enova Decisions enables consumer financing companies to automate and optimize fraud detection and marketing decisions. Leveraging our expertise in online consumer lending, we augment first-party data with best-in-class fraud and data to develop machine learning models to more accurately predict fraud risk before or during online checkout. In addition, we develop machine learning models to predict churn earlier in the customer journey to prioritize call center interventions and marketing spend.

Enova Decisions Smart Alerts

Identify fraud earlier in the customer journey.

Smart Retention

Identify high lifetime value (LTV) customers earlier in the customer journey.