Small Business Lending


The digital marketplace has created opportunity for small and midsize business (SMB) lenders to serve more customers. However, fraud schemes like shell companies and dealer fraud continue to be a challenge. In order to succeed, SMB lenders must be able to manage fraud and credit risk yet quickly deliver compelling offers to SMBs. However, consistent and reliable fraud and company data is difficult to obtain.

Desired Outcomes

Increase approvals Decrease average cycle time Mitigate fraud losses


Enova Decisions enables SMB lenders to automate and optimize customer onboarding decisions such as business verification so that branch employees can focus on customer service. Leveraging our expertise in online SMB underwriting, we augment first-party data with best-in-class fraud and alternative credit data to develop machine learning models to more accurately predict fraud and credit risk and create personalized offers that are compelling to customers yet mitigate risk.

EDC Smart Verification

Streamline identity, account and document verification.

EDC Smart Alerts

Identify fraud earlier in the customer journey.

EDC Smart Credit

Make more precise credit decisions.

EDC Smart Offers

Optimize offers to maximize profitability.