In a highly commoditized market, P&C and life insurance providers, agents, and brokers must efficiently and effectively manage marketing and underwriting decisions in order to provide the coverage that consumers want, at an affordable cost, and in a manner that is profitable. Many businesses are turning to data and analytics to predict customer behaviors and improve the customer experience yet struggle to operationalize predictive models for real-time use.

Desired Outcomes

Increase persistency & renewals Reduce loss ratio Accelerate customer onboarding


Enova Decisions enables insurance agents, brokers, insurers and reinsurers to predict key customer behaviors earlier in the sales cycle and make smarter marketing and underwriting decisions as a result. Through integration of best-in-class consumer, fraud, credit and alternative credit data, and tailored predictive modeling and scoring, Enova Decisions enables agents and brokers to use likelihood of binding and renewal to prioritize marketing spend toward the right customers and insurers to use likelihood of fraud, non-payment and filing a claim to underwrite policies that more precisely reflect risk.

Enova Decisions Smart Alerts

Identify fraud earlier in the customer journey.

Enova Decisions Smart Offers

Optimize offers to maximize profitability.