Healthcare & Medical Finance


Rising healthcare costs are shifting financial responsibility from insurers to consumers. However, the demand for healthcare services is greater than ever. In order to meet the demand, healthcare services providers and financing companies must manage the risk of acquiring more clients and customers.

Whether dental, vision, dermatology, cosmetic, audiology or veterinary services, proper healthcare and medical financing is necessary to give greater access for consumers to the services that they need in a manner that is profitable for healthcare services providers and financing companies.

Desired Outcomes

Increase approvals Reduce defaults Increase recovery


Enova Decisions enables healthcare services providers and financing companies to improve the accuracy, precision, and speed of credit decisioning in a HIPAA compliant manner. Through augmenting historical 1st-party data with the most predictive 3rd-party data, we develop machine learning models that predicts ability to pay and decision flows that segment applicants on the basis of creditworthiness, tenure, price of procedure, and type of procedure to offer financing terms that maximize approvals and customer acceptance while minimizing risk. Enova Decisions also helps manage the customer portfolio by developing machine learning models to predict likelihood to pay to better prioritize communications with customers that go into default to maximize collections recovery.

EDC Smart Credit

Make more precise credit decisions.

EDC Smart Offers

Optimize offers to maximize profitability.

EDC Smart Collections

Maximize collections recovery.