Automotive Finance


The digital marketplace has created greater transparency and choice for consumers shopping for a new or used vehicle. In order to increase originations, auto lenders and financiers are being pressured to lower prices and to take on more risk. To be successful in this highly competitive environment, businesses in automotive finance must be able to quickly and profitably deliver compelling offers to consumers.

Desired Outcomes

Increase originations Decrease delinquencies Expand profitably portfolio & market share


Enova Decisions enables auto lenders and financiers to create optimal deal structures that balance customer experience with risk and profitability in a regulatory-compliant manner. Leveraging our expertise in nonprime underwriting, we augment historical first-party and traditional credit data with best-in-class alternative credit data to develop machine learning models to more accurately predict willingness to pay and likelihood of acceptance to offer dynamic leasing and financing terms that maximize originations while maintaining return on assets. Customers receive the offers they want, when they want them, while auto lenders and financiers can grow their portfolios profitably.

EDC Smart Credit

Make more precise credit decisions.

EDC Smart Offers

Optimize offers to maximize profitability.