Enova Decisions Smart OffersTM Solution

Making the wrong offer to consumers can affect your brand perception and your bottom line. Based on 13 years of experience and millions of customer transactions, the Enova Decisions Smart Offers solution helps businesses convert more customers by providing optimized offers and targeted product recommendations. These offers and recommendations can maximize ROI while allowing scalability for rapid changes in demand.


Increase Conversions
Make better product offers or recommendations to capture more customers. Target consumers with optimized pricing or product offers suited for them to maximize ROI.


Improve Marketing Effectiveness
Optimize offers to improve the customer experience, boosting overall brand value and perception. Customers will be more likely to consider and prefer you for a return purchase.


Scale for Changes in Demand
Targeted product recommendations for your customers are available in an instant, no matter the level of demand.

Enova Decisions Real-Time Analytics

The Enova Decisions Smart Offers solution utilizes Enova Decisions’ history of analytics expertise, as well as its advanced real-time decisioning platform, ColossusTM, to make better decisions, in an instant and at scale.

How It Works

With Enova Decisions, clients input customer data to the Colossus platform through an API. Data from third-party vendors and models provided by clients or developed by Enova Decisions are integrated into the platform. Real-time offer decisions or recommendations are generated in an instant and at scale.

In order to make the right offers to the right consumers, we factor in more than a consumer’s credit score. By integrating multiple vendors into our platform, we create an insider view on a consumer through the combination of social data, credit report data, banking data and more. This, in combination with our proprietary models, allows clients to optimize their offer decisions.

Get Real-Time Decisions at Scale

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