Enova Decisions Smart CreditTM Solution

If you’re turning away 25% of the U.S. population because your current credit scoring method identifies customers in the 600 – 680 FICO® range as not creditworthy, we can help. Based on 13 years of lending experience and millions of loan transactions, our Enova Decisions Smart CreditTM solution can be utilized to capture profitable customers in the near- and sub-prime spaces.

Today, businesses make consumer decisions based on credit scores from large consumer credit risk companies like FICO. These scores, however, do not take into account a consumer’s broader financial picture and can result in a business declining profitable customers.

25% of U.S. FICO scores range from 600 – 699


You can capture more of these consumers

by understanding their true credit

Introducing Enova DecisionsTM Real-Time Analytics

The Enova Decisions Smart Credit solution utilizes our history of analytics expertise as well as our advanced real-time digital decisioning platform, ColossusTM, to indicate a more accurate level of creditworthiness and make smart approval decisions, instantly and at scale.

Case Study: 50% Default Improvement

Near-prime lender NetCredit used our solution to build custom RealViewTM scores that would better predict customer defaults by 50% while also improving marketing effectiveness.


Get Real-Time Decisions at Scale

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