Smart ACHTM Solution

Making more intelligent debiting decisions can be the difference between optimized operations and not operating at all. Built on 13 years of payment experience and millions of payment transactions, Enova Decisions’ Smart ACH solution can be utilized to improve debiting practices to increase profitability, ensure compliance and improve the customer experience.


Increase Profitability

Maximize the success of debit attempts, mitigating or minimizing overall return rates and fees for increased profitability.


Ensure Compliance

Improve debiting practices to optimize overall clearance rates for compliance with NACHA rules.


Improve Customer Experience

Minimize ACH returns and provide a better customer experience, saving customers from overdraft fees.

Enova Decisions Real-Time Analytics

Our Smart ACH solution utilizes Enova Decisions’ history of analytics expertise, as well as our advanced real-time decisioning platform, ColossusTM, to make better decisions, in an instant and at scale.

Lower ACH Return Rates

The ACH Network managed by NACHA supports more than 20 percent of all electronic payments in the U.S., with almost 23 billion electronic payments in 2014 alone. Smart ACH was created, not only to help companies meet NACHA rules on these massive amounts of payments, but also to improve operational efficiency and the customer experience. With dedication to compliance and responsible lending practices, Enova’s online lending brands use Smart ACH to keep return rates below the 15 percent rule imposed by NACHA. Smart ACH uses a proprietary model to identify consumers that would be least likely to be able to make their next scheduled payment. Once identified, the ACH attempt is turned off and the customer is contacted to confirm if funds are in their account, saving customers overdraft fees. Businesses are also able to optimize operations while avoiding unnecessary ACH fees.

Get Real-Time Decisions at Scale

Talk with one of our experts on how you can begin using the ColossusTM digital decisioning platform.