Articles and Reports

Digital Lending: How Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Are Making A Difference
Lending Times — September 27, 2019 | This article covers how fintechs can apply AI/ML beyond chatbots and underwriting.

What is Machine Learning? We Drew You Another Flowchart
MIT Technology Review — November 17, 2018 | Unsure whether machine learning is right for your business? This article gives a quick overview of machine learning.

Don't Try to Boil the Ocean With Digital Transformation Initiatives — October 29, 2018 | This article gives considerations for planning digital transformation initiatives that deliver better customer digital experiences.

A How-To Guide for Digital Transformation Laggards (Yes, You)
insideBIGDATA — October 11, 2018 | This article gives practical steps on jumpstarting your organization's digital transformation.

Common Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid
Techopedia — August 27, 2018 | This article covers considerations when determining your digital transformation strategy.

Here's How Companies Waste $28M on Digital Transformation Projects Per Year
TechRepublic — August 14, 2018 | This article reveals key findings from recent CIO survey on what is driving digital transformation investments and why business leaders feel that most of these projects will fail.

Seven Steps to a Successful AI Implementation
Information Age — August 8, 2018 | This article gives practical steps on how to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in your organization.

Want Less-Biased Decisions? Use Algorithms.
Harvard Business Review — July 26, 2018 | This article covers the practical use case of artificial intelligence (AI): algorithmic decision making.

If Your Data Is Bad, Your Machine Learning Tools Are Useless
Harvard Business Review — April 2, 2018 | This article provides 5 practical steps to executing machine learning.

Why Digital Transformations Fail: Closing The $900 Billion Hole In Enterprise Strategy — March 13, 2018 | This article discusses why majority of digital transformation initiatives fail and practical advice on how to set your digital transformation project up for success.