How Fintechs Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Forbes Technology Council — August 9, 2019 | Joe DeCosmo, member of the Forbes Technology Council, continues from his previous article on machine learning, to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit fintechs now.

Sean to Speak at Effective Fraud Prevention and Detection with Machine Learning Event

The Knowledge Group — June 5, 2019 | The Knowledge Group Live Webcast Series, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, has announced today that Sean Naismith, GM & Head of Analytics Services with Enova Decisions, will speak at The Knowledge Group’s webcast entitled: “Effective Fraud Prevention and Detection with Machine Learning: Tips and Strategies.”

FinovateSpring Recap — NextGen Decision Management SaaS

FinovateSpring — May 8, 2019 | Sean Naismith and Seth Baumwell recently demoed Enova Decisions Cloud, our NextGen decision management SaaS. Learn from the video recording how Enova Decisions enables you to automate and optimize decisions through machine learning and AI.

Enova Decisions Launches NextGen Decision Management SaaS, Enova Decisions Cloud

Decision management software-as-a-service enables mid-market to apply AI to credit, fraud, and marketing decisions CHICAGO (May 8, 2019) — To give more self-service decision management capabilities to the mid-market, Enova Decisions has introduced Enova Decisions Cloud, decision management software-as-a-service designed to scale with businesses. Enova Decisions Cloud leverages cutting-edge technology from Sparkling Logic and Amazon […]

What Nobody Tells You About Machine Learning

Forbes Technology Council — April 23, 2019 | Joe DeCosmo, member of the Forbes Technology Council, discusses what machine learning is and what’s preventing ML from being adopted in organizations.

Enova Decisions Announces Joint Venture with China Financial

Chicago — March 13, 2019 | Enova Decisions, an analytics and decision management technology company, today announced it has formed a joint venture with China Financial Services Holdings Limited, a leading financial service provider with operations across Hong Kong, Beijing and Chengdu.

3 Requirements for Fast-Tracking Machine Learning at Insurance Organizations

Risk & Insurance — March 6, 2019 | Machine Learning is one of those buzzwords not everyone understands. Sean Naismith covers what is machine learning, how it can add value to insurance and other organizations, and tips on how to overcome implementation challenges.

Access Forrester Commissioned Study on American Banker

American Banker — November 7, 2018 | Digital transformation is an imperative for businesses to thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace. This Forrester Commissioned Study examines why companies are investing in decision automation in order to achieve their digital transformation objectives.

FinovateFall Recap – Solution Accelerators w/ ID Analytics

Finovate — October 18, 2018 | Sean Naismith recently demoed how solution accelerators, designed in conjunction with ID Analytics, streamline identity verification, fraud detection, and credit risk assessment. Learn from the video recording how Enova Decisions enables you to make smart AND fast decisions.

Why You Should Take a Decision-First Approach to Analytics

Forbes Technology Council — October 17, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo, member of the Forbes Technology Council, shares why lack of decision modeling is preventing most businesses from achieving digital transformation.

Decision-First Approach to Analytics Drives Digital Transformation Success

ITA — September 7, 2018 | A recent Forrester study commissioned by Enova Decisions found that 77% of business leaders believe decision automation is important to executing on digital strategy. However, Joe DeCosmo explains why it’s important to embrace a decision-first approach to analytics before investing in decision automation tools and technologies.

Enova Decisions Included in Forrester Now Tech Digital Decisioning Report

Forrester — August 2, 2018 | Enova Decisions is among the digital decisioning vendors mentioned in the Forrester Now Tech report which covers the digital decisioning vendor landscape to guide development and delivery (AD&D) professionals in their platform selection for automating decisions. Note, you must be a Forrester client to access the full report.

Enova Decisions Included in Aite Group Online & Mobile Lending Report

Aite Group — August 1, 2018 | Online consumer lending at the point of purchase is becoming widespread to make the purchase process easier for the customer, yet it isn’t without risks. Enova Decisions was among the thought leaders interviewed for this report. Note, you must be an Aite Group client to access the full report.

Enova Decisions Solves the “Cold Start” Problem in Algorithmic Decision Making

The Finovate Group | KNect365 | Informa — July 16, 2018 | FinovateFall asked the demo lineup to explain the what, why, and how through Mad Libs. See what Enova Decisions and other fintechs have to say.

Smarter, Faster Outcomes through a Decision-First Approach to Analytics

CIO Applications — June 20, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo shares how advanced analytics and digital decisioning has made Enova International successful and gives practicals on how to evaluate a digital decisioning system. Article starts on page 23.

Joe DeCosmo Discusses Analytics Growth at Enova

Chicago Tribune — April 2, 2018

Predictive Analytics Interview with Joe DeCosmo and Greg Zeeman

Predictive Analytics Times — February 14, 2018

Sean Naismith Shares Recent Study Results on Machine Learning & Decision Automation

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — February 10, 2018

FactorTrust and Enova Decisions Partner on Predictive Data

FactorTrust Press Release — August 31, 2017

Finalists Revealed for Prestigious 18th Annual ITA CityLIGHTS Awards

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — August 7, 2017

Online Lending’s New “Colossus” — July 18, 2017

Fintech Exchange 2017

CFA Society Chicago — June 7, 2017

ITA Spotlight: Sean Naismith and Enova Decisions

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — June 6, 2017

Webinar: Why Making Good Decisions Isn’t Good Enough

American Banker & Payments Source — May 30, 2017

FTX17 Highlights

Fintech Exchange 2017 — May 16, 2017

May 2017: Fintech Week in Chicago

Maven Wave™ — May 10, 2017

From The Markets: Chicago as Fintech Hub

MarketsMedia — May 10, 2017

FinTech Exchange 2017 Puts the Focus on Data

Trading Technologies — May 3, 2017

Data Plays

FinTech Rising — May 1, 2017

How Enova’s People Team Brings in (and Keeps) Top Talent

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — April 24, 2017

Where Do You Get Your Predictive Analytics Power?

The Consumer Credit Magazine — Spring 2017

Real-Time Analytics: The Future of Higher Education Digital Marketing

Enterprise Services Outlook Magazine — February 2017

Competing on Advanced Analytics

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — February 6, 2017

White Paper: Analytics as a Service: The “Buy vs. Build” Decision

International Institute for Analytics — January 18, 2017

The Data Scene in 2017: More Cloud, Greater Governance, Higher Performance

Database Trends and Applications — January 3, 2017

Data Enablers: Enova’s Decision-Making Tech — December 29, 2016

eBook: Payments 2016, The Year Of … — December 20, 2016

Top 5 Tech Events You Want on Your Calendar This Week

Built In Chicago — November 7, 2016

First Look: Enova Decisions

James Taylor on Everything Decision Management – August 30, 2016

Real-Time Decisions for Real Results

KDNuggets™ — August 9, 2016

Enova Decisions Predictive Solutions

Butler Analytics — August 8, 2016

Real Customer Satisfaction In Real Time® — July 26, 2016

Enova Mounts New Business Unit Focused on Data Analysis

Executivos Financeiros – June 28, 2016

FIA Transformative Trends in Technology

Maven Wave™ — June 20, 2016

Analyzing The Analytics Officer® — June 14, 2016

Analyzing the Analytics Officer

The Traderzone Network – June 14, 2016

ITA Spotlight: Enova Decisions

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — May 25, 2016

Why Chicago is a Big Deal in Big Data

Built In Chicago — May 24, 2016

Real-Time Decisions: The Next Big Data Game-Changer

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — May 16, 2016

Predictive Models For ACH Payments® — April 26, 2016

Foreign Workers Waiting to Win the H-1B Lottery

Chicago Tribune — April 15, 2016

Online Lender Enova Joins the Sharing Economy

Crain’s Chicago Business® — April 14, 2016

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Effective Fraud Prevention and Detection with Machine Learning: Tips and Strategies

The Knowledge Group — August 29, 2019 | Sean Naismith joins ID Analytics, a Symantec Company, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., and Wells Fargo to discuss effective strategies for fraud detection and prevention through machine learning.

Past Events

Webinar: Modernizing Online Application Fraud Detection & Prevention

BrightTALK — July 18, 2019 |  Sean Naismith will cover major online application fraud threats and best practices in fraud detection and prevention.

Mega-PAW Las Vegas

Predictive Analytics World — June 16-20, 2019 | Come visit the Enova Decisions booth and join Joe DeCosmo on June 19 as he covers how to modernize analytics to effectively fight fraud.

Annual Meeting & Summer Educational Event 2019 Minneapolis

Communication Fraud Control Association (CFCA) — June 11-13, 2019 | Sean Naismith discusses lessons from FIs on how to improve fraud detection & prevention and demonstrates how telcos can leverage Enova Decisions Cloud for decision management.

Midwest Applied AI Conference

Chicago AI Days — May 20, 2019 | Joe DeCosmo delivers keynote on the state of AI in FinTech, beyond the hype. Sean Naismith joins panel on AI productization best practices.

CDO Summit New York

CDO Club — May 8, 2019 | Joe DeCosmo joins a panel of data and analytics executives to discuss the balance between personalization and privacy.

FinovateSpring 2019 San Francisco

The Finovate Group | KNect365 | Informa — May 8-10, 2019 | Enova Decisions demonstrates how to deploy a new model, connect new data sources, conduct scenario testing, and deploy a respecified model and business rules without software engineering.

Leadership Breakfast Series: Protecting Digital Data

UIC Business — April 17, 2019 | Joe DeCosmo joins a panel of experts to discuss cybersecurity and data privacy issues in today’s business world.

Chicago CDO Executive Summit

Evanta — December 11, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo, Governing Body member, moderates an Executive Boardroom discussion on fostering digital transformation through data teams. Join leaders including Bernie O’Connor, Director of IT at Anixter International Inc.

Business Intelligence Innovation Summit Chicago 2018

Innovation Enterprise — October 30-31, 2018 | Sean Naismith joins panel on leveraging business intelligence (BI) & predictive analytics in the digital age. Learn about today’s current trends in and strategies for addressing today’s data overload from subject matter experts.

INFORMS Regional Analytics Conference Chicago 2018

INFORMS — October 11, 2018 |  Network with data scientists that support Enova Decisions solutions and learn from the industry best on practical business applications of artificial intelligence (AI) that take your business to the next level: increasing profitability, reducing costs, mitigating risk, and automating complex tasks.

LEND360 2018 Chicago

LEND360 — October 8-10, 2018 | Enova Decisions will be attending and supporting leaders and executives from Enova International as they share insights around customer acquisition & loyalty, small business, and bank-partnerships impacting online lending. Learn how Enova Decisions solutions are used everyday to power Enova International’s consumer and small business lending brands.

Fraud Force 2018 Chicago

iovation — October 2-4, 2018 | Sean Naismith shares stories on how Enova International has been successful at catching sophisticated fraud rings and gives practical advise on how to improve your everyday fraud defense through partnering with iovation, collaboration between analytics and software engineering teams, and leveraging Enova Decisions’ digital decisioning technology.

FinovateFall 2018 New York

The Finovate Group | KNect365 | Informa — September 24-27, 2018 | Enova Decisions demos Solution Accelerators w/ ID Analytics. Learn how to streamline identity verification, fraud detection, and credit risk assessment through activating big data and actionable analytics quickly so that you can make smart credit decisions now and better credit decisions tomorrow.

Advance 2018 Chicago

ID Analytics — July 9-10, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo presents practical steps to modernize fraud defense in your organization.

Annual Meeting & Summer Educational Event 2018 Chicago

Communication Fraud Control Association (CFCA) — June 26-28, 2018 | Enova Decisions is Gold Sponsor. Join us for dinner at The Gage on Day 2. Joe DeCosmo presents how to modernize fraud defense for telecommunications.

ITA Tech Talk: Stay Competitive through a Decision-First Approach to Analytics

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — June 14, 2018 | Sean Naismith presents how digital decisioning enables you to turn advanced analytics into action.

AI & Wine for FinTech Executives

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — June 12, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo joins panel with Unosquare, Aginity, Rippleshot, and Narrative Science to discuss the current state of artificial intelligence in FinTech.

Predictive Analytics World Financial Las Vegas

Predictive Analytics World — June 6, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo presents case study on using predictive analytics to adapt quickly to regulatory changes while minimizing impact to customers and bottom line.

Detroit CDO Executive Summit

Evanta — June 5, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo presents how to recruit and cultivate top-tier data services, business intelligence, and data science talent so that your business can leverage the power of advanced analytics.

Webinar: Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

BrightTALK Artificial Intelligence in Business Summit — May 16, 2018 | Sean Naismith presents a framework for deciding whether to develop and train your own predictive analytics model or to use a pre-trained predictive analytics model.

Digital Transformation Summit

Forrester — May 8 – 9, 2018 | Enova Decisions is Visibility Sponsor. Visit us at Booth #1000. Sean Naismith presents why digital decisioning is necessary for digital transformation during breakfast Day 1.

The Data Science Conference Spring 2018

NeoNorm, LLC — May 3-4, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo, President of the American Statistical Association (ASA) Chicago Chapter presents Data Science at ASA.

Advance 2018 New York

ID Analytics — April 23-24, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo presents modernizing fraud defense within financial services.

Transformation: Building on the past and looking to the future

Center for Financial Services at DePaul University & Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago — April 4-5, 2018 | Sean Naismith joins panel with Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Megalytics, and DePaul University to discuss data analytics for risk management.

March Nerd Therapy: Robots — Solving Pain Points Using Artificial Intelligence

Nerdery — March 29, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo joins panel with Narrative Sciene and Ascent RegTech to discuss the practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business.

Case Studies on Consumer Lending Analytics

CULytics 2018 Credit Union Analytics Summit — Mar 13-15, 2018

Webinar: Master Your Digital Transformation Approach with Digital Decisioning

International Institute for Analytics (IIA) — January 25, 2018 | Joe DeCosmo IIA’s Chief Analytics Officer, Bill Franks, to discuss how digital decisioning activates data science.

Webinar: E-Commerce, Online Payments and Transactions

BrightTALK Payment Innovation and Technology Summit — January 24, 2018 | Sean Naismith presents how to overcome barriers to artificial intelligence and machine learning adoption and to deliver smarter payments through digital decisioning.

Webinar: Providing a Seamless Customer Onboarding Experience in 2018

Enova Decisions with Iovation on BrightTALK — January 10, 2018 | Sean Naismith join Product Marketing Manager at Iovation, Eddie Glenn, to discuss customer onboarding challenges and how machine learning and digital decisioning can deliver a seamless customer onboarding experience.

Webinar: Compete on Analytics…without Hiring a Single Data Scientist

ID Analytics and Enova Decisions on BrightTALK — November 9, 2017

FinTech Science Fair

FinTEx Association — November 8, 2017

Quickly Adopt or Optimize Robo-advisor Capabilities through Digital Decisioning Technology

National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) Outlook Conference — November 6 – 7, 2017

Webinar: Real-Time Decisions for Improving the Customer Experience

DMA Data & Marketing Association — October 11, 2017

Rapid Fire Session: Digital Decisioning Starter Kits

CFCA Fall Educational Event — October 4, 2017

Digital Decisioning: The Future of Fraud Prevention

Fraud Force Summit — September 26 – 27

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Digital Decisioning Tools and Techniques

JPK Group 2017 Data Intelligence and Analytics Summit — September 19, 2017

Master Your Data Science Approach with Digital Decisioning

INFORMS Midwest Practice of Analytics Conference (IMPAC 2017) — September 14, 2017

Webinar: 2017 Analytics Journal Authors Roundtable

DMA Data & Marketing Association — August 30, 2017

Digital Decisioning: The Next Wave in Predictive Analytics

Brighttalk Powering Predictive Analytics Summit — August 22, 2017

ITA Tech on Tap: Enova Edition

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — August 10, 2017

The Ever-Changing World of FinTech

Anita Borg Institute  — August 9, 2017

From AI to Decisions

AI in Banking Summit — July 19, 2017

Building a Successful Strategy Using Machine Learning

CFSI EMERGE Financial Health Forum — June 15, 2017

Data Drivers Live Show — June 12, 2017

Web Seminar: Why Making Good Decisions isn’t Good Enough

American Banker & Payments Source — May 30, 2017

The Power of Predictive Analytics and Decision Management for Improving Operational Decisions

Innovation Enterprise Business Analytics Innovation Summit — May 15, 2017

The Power of Cross-Vertical Collaboration Panel

ITA: The Chicago Tech Summit — May 10, 2017

Digital Transformation 2017

Forrester — May 9-10

Fintech Exchange 2017 Lightning Round

barchart OnDemand & FinTEx Chicago — April 27, 2017

Do or Die: Putting Real-Time Predictive Analytics at the Heart of Everything You Do

Insight Exchange Network, The Marketing Metrics and Analytics Summit — April 26, 2017

The Use of Analytics for Credit Risk Presentation

Corinium,  Chief Analytics Officer Europe — April 25, 2017

Pricing and Credit Analytics

Chicago Actuarial Association April 2017 Workshops — April 4, 2017

Using Predictive Analytics and Real-Time Decisions to Predict and Reduce Consumer Fraud

Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) — March 15, 2017

Client Panel: Investing to be Analytically Competitive

IIA 2017 Analytics Symposium — March 14, 2017

Enhancing Sales with Big Data’s Tools and Techniques

JPK Group 2017 Business Forecasting and Analytics Forum — March 13, 2017

Do or Die — Putting Real-Time Predictive Analytics at the Heart of Everything You Do

Innovation Enterprise, Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit — November 29, 2016

FinTEx FinTech Science Fair

FinTEx Chicago — November 9, 2016

Burtch Works Analytics Leadership Webinar

Burtch Works — November 3, 2016

Analytics in Credit Decisioning, in Non Traditional Lending

American Banker, Banking Analytics 2016 — October 20, 2016

Innovation Hub: Chicago’s Fintech Scene

NACHA Payments Innovation Alliance Exchange — October 17, 2016

Leadership Podcast with Joe DeCosmo

AnalyticsWeek — October 14, 2016

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Big Data’s Tools and Techniques

Business Forecasting and Analytics Forum — September 19, 2016

Tech Talk: Real-Time Predictive Analytics and On-Demand Decision-Making

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) — August 2, 2016