Real-Time Analytics for Higher Education

Improve marketing and operations while optimizing the student experience at every decision point. Make data-driven decisions instantly and at scale with our customizable, real-time decisioning platform.

Probability of Enrollment

Predict the probability of an applicant to enroll. Score leads to make better marketing allocation decisions for either stand-alone target marketing or as part of an attribution or media-mix model.

Content Segmentation by Program of Interest

Reach and engage students with relevant content specific to their needs and interests. Scoring by program of interest helps provide targeted content marketing that increases retention and improves the student experience.

Probability of Program Completion

Predict the probability of an applicant to complete a program in order to make acceptance decisions on applicants that will boost overall graduation rates. Scoring leads not only helps determine student offers, but also can inform the program mix and identify new geographic locations for campus expansion.

Likelihood of Gainful Employment

Predict the likelihood of applicant gainful employment in order to manage student body decisions, ensure compliance and see to it that students are in the best position to leverage their degree after graduation.


Operational Improvements

Improve the efficiency, speed and agility of business execution. Scoring components of internal operations can help identify areas where efficiency could be improved.


Lifetime Value

Predict the value attributed to the entire future relationship with an applicant. Scoring leads can also be used to improve targeted marketing decisions that are made throughout the lifetime of the student for an improved student experience.

We Believe in Innovation Through Analytics

Innovation drives business performance, growth, student satisfaction and bottom-line results. That’s why we build innovative analytics solutions to help colleges and universities make data-driven decisions, instantly and at scale, to boost business efficiency and maximize ROI beyond expectations.

ENVA LISTED NYSEEnova Decisions is part of Chicago-based Enova International, Inc. (NYSE: ENVA), a leading technology- and data-analytics-driven online lending company that operates 10 brands in four countries. For 14 years, we’ve built analytics and infrastructure to make instant decisions for our parent company’s brands, culminating in the launch of Enova Decisions as an Analytics-as-a-Service provider.

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