Real-Time Analytics for Financial Services

For the past 14 years, Enova has used decision management technology to extend more than $20 billion in credit to over 5 million customers around the world. Now, we’re making our real-time credit decisioning capabilities available to your business with Enova Decisions. Enova Decisions allows you to leverage our predictive analytics solutions and data sources to drive business innovation, improve efficiency and meet customer expectations. You have the ability to transform underwriting, offers, payments and much more to help grow your business. See how your business can improve when you’re able to make data-driven decisions — instantly and at scale — with Enova Decisions.

See What Our Solutions Can Do for You

Enova Decisions Smart Credit

Enova Decisions Smart CreditTM

Improve credit decisions and acquire more of the right customers with customized risk and credit analysis.

Smart Retention

Smart RetentionTM

Predict profitability, lifetime value (LTV) and likelihood of retention to attract and retain the right customers.

Smart Verification

Smart VerificationTM

Reduce fraud, avoid operational delays and streamline the customer experience with real-time, automated identity, account and document verification.

Enova Decisions Smart Offers

Enova Decisions Smart OffersTM

Convert more customers with optimized offers and targeted product recommendations.

Enova Decisions Smart Alerts

Enova Decisions Smart AlertsTM

Flag fraudulent applicants with advanced fraud alerts using customized velocity scores.

Smart Collections

Smart CollectionsTM

Improve operations and recovery with collections optimization.

Smart ACH


Improve debiting practices to optimize overall clearance rates.

As we work with business customers with non-prime credit, decisions around credit risk are key to the success of our business. Without predictive analytics and digital decisioning capabilities, companies are at risk of rejecting customers worthy of credit and accepting those with a higher default risk, which can negatively impact the customer experience as well as bottom-line results.

Could Your Business Benefit from Real-Time Analytics?

Learn how Enova Decisions helped Headway Capital automate their underwriting system, boosting instant loan decisioning by 50%.

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We Believe in Innovation Through Analytics

Innovation drives business performance, growth and bottom-line results. That’s why we build innovative analytics solutions to help financiers make data-driven decisions — instantly and at scale — meeting customer demands for instant answers.

Get Better Answers in Less Time

We leverage our 50+ analytics experts, 13 years of proven experience and history of data analytics to generate meaningful answers and improved decision-making in weeks, not months.

Improve the Customer Experience

Our platform provides automated, sub-second responses for a more streamlined customer experience, ensuring that fewer customers are lost and conversion rates increase over time.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Our real-time insights are priced on a volume or transactional basis, saving you hardware or software licensing fees, maintenance, and human capital while realizing immediate ROI.

ENVA LISTED NYSEEnova Decisions is part of Chicago-based Enova International, Inc. (NYSE: ENVA), a leading technology- and data-analytics-driven online lending company that operates 10 brands in four countries. For 14 years, we’ve built analytics and infrastructure to make instant decisions for our parent company’s brands, culminating in the launch of Enova Decisions as an Analytics-as-a-Service provider.

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