Webinar: How to Grow Market Share After COVID-19 — Best Practices for Nonprime Lending & Financing

As the U.S. re-opens, many financial institutions are loosening their credit standards. However, uncertainty hasn’t gone away and the economic impact of many of the pandemic-related policies have yet to be realized. Enova Decisions joins the Director of Portfolio of Analytics at Enova International in discussing how businesses can unlock opportunities among nonprime consumers and set up 2021 to be a year of profitable growth. Drawing from Enova International’s success in online consumer lending, this webinar will show how businesses can be effective at consumer lending and financing in the new normal.

Topics include:

  • Why traditional methodologies for assessing credit risk need an upgrade 
  • What 1st-party and 3rd-party data to consider
  • How to operationalize credit decisioning for efficiency and agility

Who should attend?
Business leaders in consumer financing & lending that desire to rapidly grow profitability beyond 2019 performance.


  • Abisht Raviprakash | Director, Portfolio Analytics | Enova International
  • John Tate | Head of Analytics, Solution Design & Delivery | Enova Decisions

Join us on Wednesday, March 24 at 1:00 PM CT.

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