Machine Learning Yields Over 5 Million New Customers

Examples are powerful ways to show expertise in full action. Enova Decisions has many successes to share – including our own origin story.

Enova Decisions is the “offspring” of Enova International – a company advancing risk decisioning since 2004. Credentials include:

• Onboarding more than 5 million customers
• Operating almost a dozen brands in three counties
• Trading publicly on the NYSE (ENVA)
• Managing more than $1 billion in assets

As a digital native company, we’re also a leader in digital transformation, incorporating machine learning, automating decisioning and developing superior customer experiences.

Through Enova Decisions, that same expertise is now available to external clients – faster and smarter risk decisions, tailored to your business rules and objectives. Goals we enable include:

• Balancing risk and rewards to improve performance
• Integrating more multi-dimensional points of data in modeling
• Moving insights into actions more rapidly
• Automating data-driven operational decisions, instantly and at scale

All part of continuous optimization in decisioning: pragmatic in our approach, but potentially groundbreaking for your business.

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Enova Decisions


Enova Decisions is an analytics and decision management technology company that was formed in 2016 to enable businesses in various industries, including financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications, to automate and optimize operational decisions, in real-time and at scale, through data, machine learning, and the cloud.