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Enova DecisionsTM uses real-time predictive analytics and its on-demand digital decisioning platform to help companies make data-driven operational decisions instantly and at scale.
Forrester Study: Transform Your Business With Operational Decision Automation
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Forrester Study: Transform Your Business With Operational Decision Automation
Decisioning Platforms Bring Decision-to-Action Cycles Into Real Time
Enova Decisions Included in Forrester’s Insight Services Directory Adopt Insights Services to Accelerate Your Business Transformation. Forrester Research, Inc., June 5, 2017.
Enova Decisions Included in Forrester’s Insight Services Directory
View the report “Adopt Insights Services to Accelerate Your Business Transformation.”
Digital Decisioning: From Data to Analytics to Action
White Paper
Digital Decisioning: From Data to Analytics to Action
Enova Decisions’ Head of Analytics Services, Sean Naismith, delves into the ways you can make use of cutting-edge digital decisioning technology to outperform the competition.

Optimize Customer Experience at Every Decision Point


Acquire better customers

Create more effective credit decisions, convert more customers with optimized offers and flag potentially fraudulent applicants.


Improve operations

Automate your verification processes and optimize your collections procedures.


Retain the most profitable customers

Predict customer profitability, make targeted product recommendations and retain more customers longer.

Consumers Expect More. Does Your Business Exceed Expectations?

Learn how you can use analytics to automate decisions and improve decision accuracy to increase performance and beat the competition. Read our white paper, Digital Decisioning: From Data to Analytics to Action, now.

Good Decisions are Based on More than Numbers

Chicago-based Enova Decisions is part of Enova International, Inc. (NYSE: ENVA), a leading technology- and data-analytics-driven online lending company that operates 10 brands in four countries. These brands gain their competitive edge through our analytics expertise and real-time decisioning platform — built and developed over 14 years of data experience. Today, we leverage this proven technology and analytics experience to help our clients thrive with custom, real-time analytics services and instant data-driven decisioning at scale through ColossusTM, our digital decisioning engine.

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Decision-First Approach to Analytics Drives Digital Transformation Success

ITA — September 7, 2018 | A recent Forrester study commissioned by Enova Decisions found that 77% of business leaders believe decision automation is important to executing on digital strategy. However, Joe DeCosmo explains why it’s important to embrace a decision-first approach to analytics before investing in decision automation tools and technologies.

Enova Decisions Included in Forrester Now Tech Digital Decisioning Report

Forrester — August 2, 2018 | Enova Decisions is among the digital decisioning vendors mentioned in the Forrester Now Tech report which covers the digital decisioning vendor landscape to guide development and delivery (AD&D) professionals in their platform selection for automating decisions. Note, you must be a Forrester client to access the full report.

Enova Decisions Included in Aite Group Online & Mobile Lending Report

Aite Group — August 1, 2018 | Online consumer lending at the point of purchase is becoming widespread to make the purchase process easier for the customer, yet it isn’t without risks. Enova Decisions was among the thought leaders interviewed for this report. Note, you must be an Aite Group client to access the full report.

 events Events

FinovateFall 2018

The Finovate Group | KNect365 | Informa — September 24-27, 2018 | Enova Decisions demos Solution Accelerators w/ ID Analytics. Learn how to streamline identity verification, fraud detection, and credit risk assessment through activating big data and actionable analytics quickly so that you can make smart credit decisions now and better credit decisions tomorrow.

Fraud Force 2018 Chicago

iovation — October 2-4, 2018 | Sean Naismith shares stories on how Enova International has been successful at catching sophisticated fraud rings and gives practical advise on how to improve your everyday fraud defense through partnering with iovation, collaboration between analytics and software engineering teams, and leveraging Enova Decisions’ digital decisioning technology.

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Speak with one of our experts on how you can start evaluating thousands of customer interactions per hour using our real-time, state-of-the-art digital decisioning platform, ColossusTM.